Give Staffies a Chance

'Give Staffies a Chance'Wood Green recently launched a campaign to highlight the plight of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Charity continues to seek to change public opinion of this once-loved breed and ultimately encourage people to at least consider a Staffie when rehoming a dog through their ‘Give Staffies a Chance’ campaign.

In 2011, the Charity took in 2,140 dogs, of which 288 (13%) were Staffies or Staffie crosses. Many of them were underweight, pregnant or showed evidence of being attacked by humans or other dogs.

Shockingly 43% (124) of the Staffies came to the Centres as strays.

A recent survey carried out by the Charity to 1,400 people revealed 31% of people wouldn’t own a Staffie because they believe them to be dangerous, unpredictable and intimidating.

It also revealed that 76% of people describe Staffies as being ‘misunderstood’ and the most unpopular colour of Staffie is brindle.

Ultimately the Charity hopes people will simply consider rehoming a Staffie when rehoming a dog in the future.

What you can expect from owning a Staffie?

Exercise and playtime

Staffies are strong, athletic, agile and active dogs that require daily walks and a regular routine. They are fun-loving and will happily spend hours playing pulling games or chasing a ball to fulfil their need of hard exercise, so owners will need plenty of free time and a good supply of toys!

Health and care

Staffies will require regular flea and worming treatment as well as their annual boosters.


Alfie studio lrgAdult Staffies should have a basic meat (either raw or cooked) and biscuit diet. However, remember that no two dogs are the same and a diet that suits one Staffie will not necessarily suit another.

Training and socialisation

Staffies are extremely intelligent and enjoy learning new commands including sit, stay and heel. They can excel in many different canine disciplines such as obedience, agility, fly ball and rally-o. If they are socialised from a young age they can be great playmates for other dogs.

What will I get in return?

Staffies are devoted to their families – adults and children alike – and if you show a Staffie love and affection, you will get double the love back.

Contrary to popular belief, Staffies are surprisingly sensitive; they will crave your attention and companionship and will need a thick warm coat in cold and inclement weather. They want nothing more than to be your faithful best friend.

How to get involved in the campaign

113150 Amber clawsVisit our YouTube channel and watch Alfie the Staffie and other videos.

Visit our Facebook page for regular updates on all the dogs we have available for rehoming.

Download the 'Give Staffies a Chance' logo and take a picture of yourself with it and your Staffie or pet.