Starving, emaciated  and alone.

Gracie’s body was just skin and bone when she was found half-starved on a rain-lashed street. Her ribs were extremely visible and prominent; it was obvious she hadn’t eaten a decent meal in a long time. Yet despite her desperate state, this beautiful girl was still so friendly. 

Gracie 3 Plain

When our vet examined her, Gracie weighed just 14kg – about a third below her ideal weight of 20kg. Gracie must have gone for weeks with little or no food to become so emaciated. 

We soon set Gracie on the road to recovery. Our team and volunteers gave her a cosy kennel to rest in, a thermal coat and extra blankets to keep her frail body warm. Most important of all, we began to feed Gracie four to five small, nutritious meals a day to help rebuild her strength.

Week by week, thanks to her special diet and patient, loving care from the whole team at our Godmanchester Centre, Gracie steadily gained weight again. After two months, she was strong and healthy enough to go to a new home where she's loved, cared for and well-fed.

Paddington’s story

Paddington SelfieWhen he was brought to us with a swollen, infected eye, Paddington was in agony. Sadly, our vets had no option but to remove his injured eye.

But with lots of love and attention, a warm bed of his own and a diet of special kitten food, this sweet little kitten grew stronger with every passing day. 

Finally, after several weeks with us, Paddington was healthy enough to find the caring owner he had always deserved.

Hafren’s story

Hafren 2When Hafren first arrived at our Godmanchester Centre, he was so weak that he could barely stand. He was found abandoned by the side of a busy road, emaciated and in a state of distress. When we weighed him, he was just 13kg. Thanks to kind supporters like you, we were able to be there for Hafren day after day, week after week. 

Hafran   2 of 10

Feeding him hearty meals to build up his strength. Treating his painful skin conditions so his beautiful coat could grow again. Taking him for regular, energising walks and giving him the time and attention he needed to start trusting people again. After three months in our care, Hafren was a different dog – healthy, full of bounce, and ready for his new, loving home.

Your donation could help us hand-feed  more orphaned and abandoned  kittens like Bert and his brother, Ernie.

StampThese tiny kittens were found clinging to life without their mother.

Caring for such young and frail kittens is no easy task. They needed hand-feeding every two hours, night and day, with specialist milk. Thankfully one of our foster carers took on this exhausting task, using special syringes to feed them the vital milk.

In time they were able to be weaned onto kitten food, and after a few months in our care were ready to be rehomed.

So please, help us transform  another abandoned, neglected or mistreated pet’s life.

Give what you can today. Thank you.

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