We need your support now to give abandoned baby animals, like Dolly, a Second Chance at life

When four-week old Dolly was rushed into our Cambridgeshire Centre, we didn’t think she’d make it. This tiny, helpless pup had been left all alone, in a shoe box, in the middle of winter. Thankfully, she came into our care in the nick of time and was given the life-saving treatments she desperately needed by our highly-skilled veterinary team.

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Abandoned babies are coming through our doors every day – please donate to help us care for them 

Today, Dolly is being loved and cared for by a family who adore her. She’s happy, healthy and strong – she’s been given a Second Chance at life; a chance made possible thanks to the generous people who support Wood Green, The Animals Charity. 

Sadly, Dolly’s plight is all too common: worryingly high numbers of discarded baby animals have been brought into our centres this winter. To help them all during this busy time, we’re going to need as many animal-lovers as possible to get behind this appeal. So please donate now.

Watch how we gave Dolly a Second Chance at life

Dolly Video

Arnie was left on our doorstep at one month old. He’s now making wonderful progress in a loving home.

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Thank you – without your support we couldn’t give tiny animals a Second Chance at life.

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