Give unwanted pets a Second Chance at life. No animal should  be dumped like rubbish

Every day, another unwanted animal arrives on our doorstep – sick, injured or starving. If we don’t act fast, their first chance at life could, tragically, be their last. Puppies like Lottie, who was found painfully thin and malnourished. She needed feeding six times a day, warmth and specialist medication. And Paddington, abandoned in a box, cold with an injured eye. He required a life-saving operation. Sadly we couldn’t save his eye but we did save his life. Lottie and Paddington would not have had the Second Chance and the loving new homes they deserve if it wasn’t for kind donations.

Worryingly high numbers of discarded pets have been brought into our centres this winter. Without kind donations, we simply would not be there to help them all. 

Give unwanted pets a Second Chance today

  • Paddington_for_landing_page
    £4 a month can help protect abused cats, like little Paddington who was dumped, cold and in agony from an infected eye. Thanks to donations, he is now happy in his new loving forever home.
  • Lottie_4
    £6 can help feed starving puppies like Lottie, whose ribs were protruding, legs unable to hold her weight. We acted fast to bring her back from the edge of starvation. She now has a wonderful new home and a Second Chance.
  • Luna
    A monthly donation of £8 can help treat an injured dog like Luna. She may only have three legs, but Luna is determined to get the most out of life in her forever home. But now other dogs need your support.
  • Jazz
    £10 can help save an ill kitten like Jazz. She needed risky surgery – if we got it wrong, she would have died. Watch her story and how she got her Second Chance at life.

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We have 155 animals to feed today.