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I would like to rehome a small animal – what do I do?
How much does it cost to rehome a small animal?
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I would like to rehome a small animal – what do I do?

Small animals are available from both our Godmanchester and Heydon CentresYou don’t need an appointment to come and visit the small animals. We are open 7 days a week Including Bank Holidays from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

  • The first step is to complete one of our Homefinder Forms (at the bottom of this page) so that we know a little bit about your lifestyle, and we like to meet the whole family. You can download the form at the bottom of this page and bring with you, or complete one when you visit the centre.
  • For security reasons we ask to see one form of identification, which must show your current address.
  • If you have existing pets in your home, we need to be sure that they will get on with a new addition.
  • Some animals are able to go to their new homes very quickly, or even straight away, while others need to remain with us until they have been neutered or have recovered from any ailments.
  • We require potential new owners to send in pictures of their accommodation set up ready. These pictures can be sent to small.rehoming@woodgreen.org.uk. Some times we may require to arrange a home visit before they can go to their new homes.

How much does it cost to rehome a small animal?

  • The cost of rehoming a rabbit or ferret is £20
  • The cost of rehoming a guinea pig is £15
  • The cost of rehoming a rodent (rats, degus, gerbils, hamsters) is £10 (mice) £5

You can find out more about small animals by visiting our small animal advice section.

For further information on rehoming or to enquire about a specific small animal, please contact a member of our Small Animal Welfare Team on 0300 303 9333 or by emailing the centres directly:

Godmanchester: smalls.rehoming@woodgreen.org.uk

Heydon: heydon.smallanimals@woodgreen.org.uk


Rodent Homefinder Form
Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Ferret Homefinder Form