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Budley was Harry


Hello to my Woodgreen friends!

I have been in my new home for nearly a year now and I have been meaning to get in touch for ages to tell you all about my new home and my favourite bunny in world Lily, but I have been having so much fun I just haven't managed to put paw to paper!

So, I used to be known as Harry but my name is now Bud (or more affectionately Budley). Lily chose me at your brilliant Buddy Service and I LOVE her more than anything in the whole world.

Mummy had a nice big run made for us to go with our nice big hutch but then decided as we are such good bunnies and the garden is safe we could just run around the whole garden and go into our house when we like.

When it got cold last year she turned her conservatory into a bedroom for us so we go out in the garden during the day and come into the warm house when the lights go off outside.

Mummy has a big pile of papers that we love to play in until we drop down are so tired

I am so happy playing and cuddling with Lily and I even let Mummy nuzzle me although I don't like it when she uses her hands to stroke me I do like lots of kisses and I follow her about when she is in the garden to make sure she doesn't steal any of my food or toys!

I just wanted to say, firstly thank you for rescuing me from my bad place and then for looking after me until you found me my bestest friend ever and a brand new Mummy & Daddy!   

 I just simply couldn't be any happier.

 Love and nose rubs

 Budley x