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Dear Wood Green

My name is Molly and I'm almost 1 year old. I was staying at Heydon Wood Green shelter and was very scared and timid. Then, one day, some nice people came and they took me to their home where I met Dexta, a big male silver fox rabbit.

molly2My new home had a huge garden but I was not allowed to use it to begin with because I kept arguing with Dexta. We were both very naughty and hated each other and lots of fur flew for the first few weeks. 

Eventually after 3 weeks, as we got to know each other, the arguing stopped and then one night I was allowed to stay in the house all night with Dexta.  Because we got on ok that night I was allowed into the garden with Dexta the next day.

That was six weeks ago and we are now great friends. We spend all day running around the garden and eating the plants and then at night we both come in and stretch out on the carpet in the living room with our owners until the morning.

I'm now very happy! 

Kind Regards

David & Catriona Shipp