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Peggy & Tonic


Hello, my name is Peggy (I'm the brown one) and me and my best friend Tonic moved in to our forever human home 2 weeks ago. I pretty much settled in straight away, Tonic is a bit shyer but he's come out of his shell quite a lot.

We have our own room in the humans house, and also access to a nice run and big garden. We like to give the humans plenty of exercise when they want us to come in (exercise is good for you humans too you know). And in the evening we get to join the humans in their part of the house while they are watching tv and on the laptop. Tonic normally runs in and straight back out again, but I like to have a good nose about and jump onto the sofa to see what the humans are doing. Thank you Wood Green for caring for us while we was waiting for our loving home :)

Joanne Parker