Field 2 Field  

Field 2 Field is a scheme designed to enable us to rehome goats, sheep and pigs without them having to come into our stables. They are rehomed from their home which can often make the process a lot less stressful for them. It also gives us the opportunity to find them a new home even when we are restricted for space on our site at Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.

How the process works

After the initial contact, we will require you to complete a questionnaire to tell us more about your animal. This will give us a better picture about how your animal behaves in the home and some useful information for their new owners. This will either be completed prior to or during our visit to your home to assess your animals suitability for the scheme. If your animal/s is suitable for the scheme, we will need all vet history, to complete our own behavioural and medical assessment of that animal, and to take pictures. We will then start to look for a new home for your animal/s using all the information we have gathered. During this whole process your animal/s will stay with you. Once we get suitable people who are interested in rehoming your animal/s, we will contact you to arrange a date in the next few days when the new perspective owners could potentially visit the animal/s or if they are happy to go ahead without meeting we will need to agree a date for transport.

Initial assessment

Are there any exclusions?

We accept animal/s from a 30 miles (approx.) radius of our Godmanchester Centre. Wood Green has to be confident that they can find new owners for your animal/s. Animals with severe aggression; stranger issues and some chronic health problems may not be suitable. Please contact us to discuss your animal in more detail if you are unsure.

How long might it take to rehome my animal(s)?

Once your animal(s) are accepted onto the scheme, it can take time to find the right home so please be patient.

Wood Green seek a potential new home

Who owns the animal/s during this time?

You own your animal/s until the acceptance form (agreeing to hand the animal/s over for rehoming) is signed, at which point ownership transfers to Wood Green. Once the animal is rehomed, legal ownership is then transferred from Wood Green to the new owner.

What happens if I want to continue with Field 2 Field but cannot keep my animal(s) at home any longer?

Please keep us updated if your circumstances change or if you can no longer keep your animal/s. We may be able to help but if your animal/s is not suitable to take into our centre and rehome on site or if we don’t have adequate space, this may not be possible. We have a waiting list for animals that are needing to come into the stables and if this is the case for you, you will be required to wait until it is your turn to do so. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Do I have a say in where my animal goes?

No. If you agree to the Field 2 Field scheme, you must trust in our experience and knowledge that we will look for a suitable new home where your animal/s will be well taken care of. If you refuse a potential new home, we will ask you to leave the scheme.

Can I meet any potential new owners?

We ask that you place your trust in us just as you would do if you brought your animal/s into our centre to be rehomed. We have very experienced and fully qualified staff as well as various vetting processes which we can fully explain to you during the rehoming process. Although this can be difficult for some owners, not knowing who their animal/s is being rehomed to, meetings between owners and prospective new owners can be uncomfortable and emotionally challenging for all parties involved.

Do you do home visits for people wanting to rehome animals?

We usually either carry out a home visit or an on-site rehoming talk for potential new owners, depending upon what we feel is necessary. We take into account the animal’s individual needs as well as the people’s experience, home environment, fencing and many more things that experience and training have taught us to identify when speaking to potential new owners.

Will people be visiting my home?

Yes, our staff will have to visit you and your animal/s at home to assess suitability for the scheme. After that, we may visit again if we feel we need to e.g. to see how you and your animal/s are progressing with any recommended training.

Who pays for the animal’s veterinary costs whilst waiting for it to be rehomed e.g. in the event of accident or illness and third party insurance?

As the owner of the animal, you remain liable for all costs associated with the care and upkeep of your animal/s up to the time you sign the acceptance form. You also remain legally liable for any accident or injury your animal/s causes to third parties.

What if I find a home for my animal/s myself?

You are free to rehome yourself but you may wish to consider referring your choice of home to us. If they rehome your animal/s through our scheme, we can reassure you that they are right for your animal/s and they will benefit from our full rehoming package.

Can I pull out of the scheme if I change my mind?

Yes, you can pull out at any time before the rehoming actually takes place. However, if you do pull out we ask that you consider the costs we have already incurred and make a donation to help us rehome more animals.

After your animal(s) has been rehomed

How will my animal/s change hands? How and where will this take place?

We will agree on a suitable time and date with both you and the new owners for transportation. Wood Green will collect the animal/s in our trailer and transport them to their new home. This will incur an extra cost depending on distance. You will also need to complete your part of the DEFRA movement paperwork prior to our visit so we can take this with us during transportation. Wood Green can talk you through this if assistance is required.

What is included in the rehoming package for the new owner?

People who rehome from us get an animal that is health checked by a vet, registered with DEFRA and fitted with an ear tag, vaccinated, wormed, behaviourally assessed and matched to their needs. Everyone who rehomes an animal from Wood Green, The Animals Charity will have the support and guidance of the Charity for the life of the pet. We will also visit the animal around 4 weeks after moving into their new home to confirm all is well.

Is there a trial period?

No, the rehoming is permanent.

Can I reclaim my animal?

No, once an animal has been rehomed legal ownership will have transferred from you. It is very important that you understand this before signing the acceptance form.

Can I get my animal back if the new home doesn’t work out?

No matter how much we try to match animals to owners, there are sometimes circumstances where the rehoming doesn’t work. In this instance, ownership transfers back to Wood Green so any decision about returning it to you would be ours. We would not unreasonably refuse to do so but would look at the reasons why the animal was given up and would always make the animal’s welfare our main priority.

Can I keep in touch?

We do not recommend this, although it is at the discretion of the person rehoming the animal. We are able to pass on initial information about how the animal has settled into its new home.

Will it exclude me from getting another pet from Wood Green?

No, we understand that people’s circumstances change. Giving a pet up for rehoming is often a responsible choice for people who can no longer keep them so this would not necessarily prevent you from rehoming from us in future.

We understand that giving up your pet is a very difficult decision to make and we are here to support you to make the right choice for your animal.

If you have any further questions you feel we have not covered, please do get in touch. Call 0300 303 9333 or email  field.rehoming@woodgreen.org.uk