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I took Millie home on foster 2 days before Christmas she was very sad in kennels with a cone of shame on to stop her licking her paws she had had 1 op with 2 more to come. She had a few medical issues but was the cutest little dog ever - she had a drastic haircut to sort her fur out followed by her 2 ops and took it all in her stride, wasn't so keen on the snow when it came but still went for her daily walks. I couldn`t give her up when she was all fixed so she joined my spaniel girls. She has added to her health issues (1 that she has had since birth) but enjoys a full and active life and has just come back from a holiday in Norfolk. Everyone falls in love with her when they meet her possibly because she is so tiny but also her huge personality I was never a `small dog` person but am now converted.