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My name is Freddie (the one on the left is me ) and I was rehomed in May 2016, I am trying really really hard to be a good boy but sometimes I do cause my family a little bit of trouble but they say they still love me lots and lots. I am much more better behaved than I was, I was such hard work for my lovely family and now that I am better behaved it means I get more cuddles and treats.

I Love my new canine sister Sasha and my human sisters too. My favourite thing to do is to have a lazy day which involves having cuddles with my family. I really like having cuddles especially with my mummy and daddy, even if me and my long legs get in the way and I poke them. They even gave me a dog friendly Birthday cake for when I turned 1.

I have met one of my brothers Rome from Lilly’s litter, who came into Woodgreen as a stray. I was born alongside 8 others in the litter . We had a great time meeting each other again as we haven’t seen each other since we were 8 weeks old, hopefully I can meet more of my brothers and sisters one day.

My first holiday was amazing so many smells and things to see, I loved the beach and loved running around on the beach even if my dad was on the other end of the very very long lead however I was a little scared of the sea waves but my canine sister soon showed me what to do in the sea and now I love catching the waves… the sea was too cold for my liking though.

I have learnt lots of tricks and I have learnt to do the doggy moonwalk with my soft football which causes lots of laughs, and catching that white tip on the end of my tail ( even if I do fall over once I have caught it)

I have really big paws to fill after my human family lost their previous dog Taz 6 months before they choose me and although I’ll never fill his boots completely I am doing my best to get very close.

 I love my new family and can’t wait for my next adventure.

 Love from Freddie and his family