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I am writing to update you all on how Asher is settling in here on the Isle of Wight. We are having a really lovely time! Ash seems to be really enjoying home, his walks, lots of smells and new things to see. He is enjoying meeting new people and dogs along the way, with his usual wiggle along the floor towards them. Yesterday we did an 8 mile walk along a coastal path and then down onto the beach where we stopped at a cafe and Ash was given a biscuit by the staff. He was a little nervous of the sea at first, he would run away when the waves came in but that disappeared as soon as a tennis ball was involved. He has a walking buddy too, an 11 year choc lab called Archie who is showing him the ropes of being a country dog. At home he has been settling down for long hours of snoozing before our evening walk down the seafront. He has learned to bring me my shoes and is partial to carrying around my slipper!

He is an absolute delight to have. Thank you !