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It's 2 years ago almost to the day we collected Jeffrey the greyhound from Godmanchester, having 'scaled up' from two lovely guinea pigs (also from Wood Green)! He has been such a lovely dog and loved by all the family...we have all been on so many more walks together than we would have done before we had him!   He enjoys having a good run with other dogs at our local dog paddock, early morning sun bathing, chasing balls (but not necessarily returning them and going on holiday with us.  He doesn't like it too hot, cold, or wet but certainly likes the drier climate to his early years in Cork, Ireland!

(We were so grateful he came with 2 photos of him as a puppy with his sister Dublin Girl on a sofa, when they lived in Cork...we found so much about his ancestry and even found a video of him coming out of the starter gate on his one and only race...looks like he didn't finish...possibly had an injury which is the reason he was given up.  He was called Heroic Survivor...which is probably a suitable name.