Giving up your dog

dog intakeWe understand that giving up your dog is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make. By entrusting us with their care you’ll have peace of mind that our compassionate staff will look after them until we can find them a loving new home.

What happens once I’ve made the decision that I’d like to give up my dog for rehoming?
Once we have the space to take in your dog, we will make an appointment for you to bring them in to us. We will ask lots of questions about your dog’s history, likes and dislikes in order to help us get to know them better and therefore find them the right home.

All of our dogs are given a thorough health check upon arrival, and are settled into our intake kennels. They have plenty of exercise and playtimes with our staff and volunteers over their first week, we use this time to get to know them personally and this then gives us a picture of what type of home would best suit your dog. Once we understand their needs and requirements and we have completed their rehoming assessment, we are ready to start looking for that forever home.


Can I check on my dog’s progress after I’ve signed them over to you?
Yes – you are welcome to call us at any stage in the rehoming process to find out how they are.

Can I bring in his bedding and toys?
Yes – having familiar items and smells around will help your dog to settle into his or her new environment. Once your dog is rehomed these will stay at the centre to be used by other dogs still looking for homes.

Can I change my mind and ask to have my dog back?
We are happy to talk to you at the point of booking your dog in about what could happen if the circumstances which meant you decided to give up your dog change. Please don’t worry about talking to us, rehoming a dog is a difficult thing to do and the making the best informed decisions is very important, so discussing it with someone who also has your dog’s needs at heart as well as experience in dog behaviour will help.
Please do bear in mind though that if your dog has already been rehomed then it will not be possible for them to be returned to you.

What happens if the dog’s new home doesn’t work out?
We commit to provide advice and behavioural support to all persons that adopt a dog from us for the dog’s life. If his or her new owners find themselves in a similar situation to your current situation then he or she can come back to us and we will continue to seek that forever home.

If you have any further questions, or would like to talk to us about rehoming your dog:

Please call us on 0300 303 9333 option 4, option 2
7 days a week 8am-4.30pm
or email pet.support@woodgreen.org.uk