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When I came to visit wood green a couple of years ago, it wasn't my intention to actually re-home a cat.

However, as I looked around, there was this extremely frightened boy in his box that wouldn't move from under the chair. He was terrified and nervous. I couldn't even see him properly but I was in love!

I drove home thinking I wanted to give him a new home and the next day, I drove back and sorted it out.

On getting Frodo home, and reading his history in his file, I was heartbroken.

Frodo was a terrified, nervous wreck. He spent 5 months hiding under my sofa, barely eating or drinking and would shake constantly.

As time went on, I didn't try to coax him out, I just let him do his own thing in his own time.

Eventually he started coming out and actually wanting to be fussed! Two years later, he is the most amazing, resilient and beautiful boy! He will flop on his back and demand a belly rub! He loves us as much as we love him!

A very happy ending for my beautiful boy!