5 things cats wish they could tell you!

Think you know how to keep your cat happy? Think again. We hear from five cats providing owner advice, which will help everyone live happily together...

1. Fred:

“I get really fed-up when I’m on my own for ages. I just want to be with you. I love it when you give me a stroke, play with me or give me a brush – it makes me feel great.”

Happy Cat Tip: Give your cat 15 minutes of one-to-one attention as often as you can.

2. Trixie:

“I hate stinky litter boxes. Please keep it clean for me! Otherwise I might have to relieve myself in the corner of your room – or that basket full of nice, fresh washing looks tempting.”

Did you know? A cat’s sense of smell is approximately fourteen times stronger than a human’s so avoid dirty litter boxes and strong smelling detergents to clean them.

Bella snow

3. Mimi: 

“Blurrh! I will not eat that pill – and you can’t make me! It tastes so horrid, I’ll spit it out. Sometimes I pretend I’ve swallowed it then get rid of it when you’re not looking! She thinks I don’t know, but sometimes my human ‘hides’ a pill in a bit of tasty food. It goes down nicely then!”

Did you know? A high percentage of pills get stuck in a cat’s oesophagus and can cause irritation when left for a long time. Try hiding a pill in some tasty food or syringing a little water into the side of your cat’s mouth after giving your cat a pill.

4. Jack: 

“Let’s make it clear: I’m the boss! That’s my food, that’s my bed... and that’s my owner! Trixie can have the lounge. But if that Fred comes into my garden again, I’m going to lash out at whoever’s nearest. Got it? I’m the Top Cat around here!” 

Did you know? Cats don’t naturally live in unrelated groups so make sure they have their own space and belongings.

5. Alfie: 

“I don’t like loud bangs – I just want a quiet life! So please don’t put me outside when there’s all those ‘fizz, bang’ things in the sky. They REALLY scare me!”

Happy Cat Tip: Keep cats in during fireworks and thunderstorms. You can use Feliway or natural remedies such as Zylkene or KalmAid to calm nervous cats.