Welcome to the Wood Green dog safety area! 

Sadly, all too frequently we see headlines in the press relating to attacks on children and adults by their own family pet or friends/relatives dogs. There are currently approximately 9 million pet dogs in the UK and statistics show that 13 children and 3 adults were killed by dogs in 2013 and the serious bites are in the thousands. At Wood Green we feel it is extremely important to promote ways of having fun with your dog but also staying safe.

Through this page you can watch our new dog safety video with the family, download Woody's Guide to Staying Safe around Dogs, find links to fun games and worksheets for children, source advice on any problems you may be having with your dog and find out how you, your family and dog can join in with the amazing things going on at Wood Green.

A great resource for anyone who owns a dog, those who visit friends or families with dogs or families thinking of getting a dog in the future.

Watch our film and find out how to stay safe around dogs.


Become dog body language experts and discover when even the friendliest of dogs need to be left alone. Learn the steps to meeting a new dog safely and find out how to have fun with your canine companion.

Think dog, stay safe!