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Cat commitment

With cats now living on average 16 years, taking on a cat is a long-term commitment. Therefore when considering a cat as a pet, as a responsible pet owner you need to consider your current lifestyle and commitments. We would also recommend you discuss this important decision with the entire family - here are some things you will need to consider:cat time 1

  • Young kittens need a home with an owner who is there most of the day. They need regular play sessions and lots of socialisation. Ensure your kitten has lots of pleasurable experiences whilst they are young to help them become a well rounded adult who is able to cope with different challenges in the future.

  • Young kittens should not be left for longer periods than 4-5 hours; due to the fact they need regular meals throughout the day and close monitoring. If you are not able to feed your kitten 3-4 meals per day, evenly spread out we would suggest you rehome an older cat.

  • Most adult cats can be left alone for a working day quite happily, although exceptions do occur.

  • It is important to allow your cat access to the outside throughout the day so they can exhibit natural behaviour which may include hunting prey. As a general rule Wood Green does not advise keepings cats as purely indoor pets, they should have the choice to go outside and avoid developing frustration issues. Again exceptions to this do occur.

  • If you work very long hours and are out of the house often it may not be suitable to own any type of cat. Most cats require regular attention even if they have other animals for company.

  • If you travel or are away a lot, who will care for your pet in your absence?