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Hamster accommodation

Whatever their breed, hamsters need lots of space. Although they are small creatures, hamsters have bags of energy; this is particularly the case with Syrian and Roborovski hamsters.

Housing Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters can be housed in large mesh cages or large aquariums with a suitably ventilated lid. They like to climb and roam round large areas, so the cage should have several levels and a large enough floor space to keep them active.

The minimum cage size for a Syrian hamster would be 80 cm. wide by 50 cm. deep by 35 cm. high (2 ft. wide by 2ft. deep by 2 ft. high).

Housing dwarf hamsters and Chinese hamsters

hamster accommodationThe dwarf breeds (the Winter White, Campbell and Roborovski) and the Chinese should all be housed in a similar style of cage: large glass or plastic aquariums with well-ventilated lids are most suitable.

The cage should be large enough to allow them freedom of movement. These hamsters need plenty of floor space to explore in order to keep them mentally and physically stimulated:

Roborovski hamsters are the smallest and by far the most energetic, frantic of species. They are not very good climbers (as they are so light) so they are best housed without high levels or tunnels placed at challenging angles.

Winter Whites, Campbells and Chinese are a little more agile but still prefer cages that offer length rather than height.

Make sure that your chosen cage is escape-proof too.

The minimum size for a cage housing a pair of dwarf or Chinese hamsters would be 80 cm. long by 50 cm, deep by 35 cm. high (2 ft. wide by 2ft. deep by 1 ft. high).

Bedding materials

Hamsters should be bedded down on CareFresh® or short chopped shredded paper. White soft paper bedding should also be provided for the sleeping areas.

Hamsters should never be kept on wood shavings or sawdust. These can cause breathing problems and parasite infestations.

The cage should be completely cleaned at least once a week with a small animal disinfectant. All the toys should be removed and cleaned too. 

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