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Hamster enrichment

hamsters enrichment

Although hamsters are known for sleeping lots, when they are awake they are very busy exploring, foraging and digging. Many owners find that their hamster will chew the bars a lot or even try to escape, this is often a clear indication that they are bored and their environment is either not big enough or not suitably enriched. It is important that you choose enrichment that suits the breed of hamster you have so that they can enjoy it safely. 

Have fun with hamster enrichment, it doesn’t need to be expensive, homemade items, children’s toys and even a kitchen roll inner will be much appreciated by your little pet. 

Enrichment ideas for your hamster’s cage include:

  • Plastic or card tunnels and tubes, some tunnels allow you to build big mazes with them, take care not to make them too challenging for the tiny Roborvoskis
  • Card boxes such as shoe and cereal boxes
  • Children’s toys such as mini dolls houses and early learning toys can offer great hiding places and nesting opportunities
  • Trixie or silent spinner wheel – your hamster cage doesn’t need a wheel constantly. So don’t feel guilty mix it up and have it in some weeks and remove for a while during others
  • Shallow litter trays of plastic take away tubs filled with chinchilla sand for them to dig in
  • Ropes and ladders – more suited to Syrians
  • Assortment of plastic houses and hides
  • Hammocks – more suited to Syrians. 



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