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Feeding your hamster

Hamsters are omnivores. This means that they need a varied, natural diet.

hamster feedingA good quality, complete dry mixture that provides essential nutrients can form the basis of your hamster’s diet; there are special products available for dwarf breeds. Use the manufacturer’s recommendations as a guide to the amount you should offer them. Don’t just serve the food in bowls – scattering it around the cage will give your hamster something interesting to search for – with a tasty reward to be stored in its cheek pouches and transported back to the nesting area.

Add a variety of treats to the weekly diet to keep it interesting and to provide all the essential vitamins and minerals that your hamster requires. Popular hamster treats include pasta, fruit and vegetables, boiled eggs, pulses and cereals, mealworms and apple wood.

New foods should always be introduced in small quantities to prevent digestive problems.

Hamsters also need regular access to fresh water. You can serve this in a bottle. The water should be changed daily.

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