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Feeding your mice

Mice are omnivores. This means that they need a varied, natural diet.

mice feedingA good quality, complete dry mixture that provides essential nutrients can form the basis of your mice’s diet. Use the manufacturer’s recommendations as a guide to the amount you should offer them. Don’t just serve the food in bowls – scattering it around the cage will give your mice something interesting to search for – with a tasty reward at the end.

Tasty treats

Mice enjoy fruit and vegetables. Broccoli, kale, sweet potatoes and grapes are particular favourites but offer them as wide a range as possible. Fruit and veg provide essential vitamins and minerals which will help to keep your mice healthy.

They also like pasta, cereals and pulses which provide variety and bulk, boiled eggs, yoghurt, dry dog food and even baby food. Budgerigar seed and millet sprays can add even more variety to their diet.

Your mice’s diet should be kept free from additives such as sugar, salt or artificial colourings.

Water can be provided in a bottle or a shallow dish. Changing the water frequently will keep it fresh.

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