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Degu enrichment

Degus are intelligent, inquisitive and active creatures. They enjoy digging, running along branches and foraging for food and nesting materials. Your degus will need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. 

Degus are sociable animals and will benefit from having the company of their own kind. By far the most important ‘piece’ of enrichment you can offer your degu is... a degu pal.degus enrichment

Here are some ideas for helping your pets to behave in the most natural way possible:

  • Ceramic or cardboard tunnels and pipes and a variety of cardboard boxes will provide areas that your degus can explore and hide in.
  • Fruit tree twigs, branches and small logs are suitable for climbing and gnawing.
  • Hammocks made from old clothes and towels, wooden wine racks and CD racks make interesting climbing apparatus for degus.
  • Hide dried herbs in toilet roll tubes or fill plant pots with fresh hay; your degus will enjoy foraging for food as they would in the wild.
  • Degus enjoy taking sand baths. Fill plastic tubs and trays (such as a cat litter tray) with soil or chinchilla sand and watch your degus having fun while they get themselves clean.
  • Use your imagination: the more fun you have, the more fun your degus will have too. To keep your degus on their toes, move the objects in the cage around every time you do a full clean.  

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