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Degu accommodation

Choose a metal cage rather than a plastic one as degus will gnaw through plastic. A mesh enclosure provides good ventilation. If your cage has mesh shelves, cover these with carpet or cardboard to prevent injuries to your degus’ feet.

Degus love to climb and will welcome the addition of some branches. They also enjoy digging in soft soil so you should choose a cage that can contain this.degu accommodation

The minimum size we recommend for 2 – 4 degus is 1.3 m. high by 1 m long by 0.7 m wide (4 ft high by 3 ft long by 2 ft wide).

Bedding materials

Line the base of the cage with absorbent materials that offer your degus the opportunity to dig: hemp core, Back 2 Nature® litter or shredded paper are ideal.

Wood shavings are not suitable as they may harbour parasites and fungal spores; they are also very dusty and so can give rise to breathing problems in both you and your pets.

Your degus will also need some bedding materials for their nest. Soft shredded tissue paper, soft hay and chopped up pieces of card are suitable. You will often see your degus resting on branches, so it’s a good idea to make sure that plenty of these are available.

You will need to spot-clean soiled areas every few days. The bedding must be changed and the cage and its contents thoroughly cleaned every week using a pet-friendly disinfectant.  

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