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Goat enrichment

The best environmental enrichment is the kind that stimulates an animal’s natural behaviour. Here are just a few ideas for goats.


goats enrichmentNon-poisonous plant branches are fantastic when used to create a natural environment. The branch can be safely attached to a fence or shelter and your goat can strip the bark. Branches can also be used to attach fruit and vegetables to. If you raise the branch to a suitable height your goat can stand on its back legs and eat just like it would in the wild.

Ice cubes

Goats are naturally adapted to swallowing small amounts of ice because they come from cold mountains. Making ice cubes from diluted squash will give them something to lick and investigate on a hot summer’s day.

Scatter feed

If you have a goat that enjoys vegetables and fruit, try scattering it around their enclosure for them to find.


As goats naturally live in rocky, mountainous areas they spend a lot of their time on their back feet searching for food. Having steps for them to walk up will encourage natural behaviour, though make sure they can't escape! 

If you would like more ideas on how to enrich your goats’ environment contact us or come and visit us to see how we do it.

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