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Rabbit enrichment

rabbit enrichmentEnrichment is all about giving your pets more than the basics – they need activities that will keep them mentally and physically stimulated. All domestic animals like to be in touch with their ‘wild side’.

So how can you enrich your rabbits’ lives? Here are some ideas:-

  • Having a pair or a group of rabbits is very important. Wild rabbits are sociable animals that live in groups; they depend on each other for security. Lone rabbits can become lethargic, frustrated or depressed.
  • Rabbits are prey animals. They can run quickly to escape from predators and they are quick to find somewhere to hide.
  • Space to run and places to hide make their lives more natural. Fill their run with log piles, tunnels (ceramic, card or plastic) and cardboard boxes with holes cut out.
  • Encourage your rabbits’ instinct to dig by providing them with plastic trays filled with organic soil or play sand.
  • Provide a range of resting places for your rabbits. Boxes filled with hay are ideal.
  • Fill garden hanging baskets with hay.
  • The way your pet rabbits reach up to nibble the hay mirrors the way in which wild rabbits feed.
  • Rabbits need to gnaw in order to wear down their continually-growing teeth.
  • Provide them with fruit tree branches for an effective and natural dental chew. 
  • Although apple wood is especially suitable, toys and treats made from willow are also available to both provide enjoyment and to contribute to dental health.
  • Rabbits can be very playful. Put a few upturned plant pots in their enclosure and watch your pets chuck them about.
  • Scatter dried herbs or hide them in paper bags to encourage your rabbits’ natural foraging behaviour.


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