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Rabbits and children

Rabbits are not always good pets for children. Rabbits often find it very stressful to be picked up and carried around resulting in scratches whilst trying to escape or the odd nip.

Rabbits kidsFor the first few weeks in a new home with children it is advisable for the children to sit in the accommodation and allow the rabbits to investigate. After a few minutes the rabbits will normally venture up to you and will often rub their chin on you which will scent mark you as “safe” offering fruit in your hands also helps them bond with you. After two weeks when the rabbits feel happy to hop on and off the children’s lap, be stroked and take food from hands careful handling should be attempted.


If a slow and patient approach is taken rabbits will become very fond of their owners and really enjoy being cuddled.

Rabbits that are backed into a corner, chased around there accommodation or being constantly picked up will only associate you as a bad thing and will never feel safe around you thus creating a stressful situation between yourself and the rabbits.

Please note that un-neutered and single rabbits are often quite aggressive towards children. Launching, spraying and grunting is quite common.

Neutering them and pairing them up with a suitable companion, conjoined with socializing will prevent and in many cases solve this problem.

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