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Introducing your ferret to other ferrets

Ferrets should be introduced on neutral territory. If this is to be their cage, you should clean it out thoroughly (so that it smells and look unfamiliar to resident ferrets) and supply plenty boxes and tunnels for the ferrets to hide in.

ferrets introsAnother way of introducing ferrets to each other is to take them out for a walk together (again, in an unfamiliar, neutral area) before putting them into the living accommodation together.

Although ferrets usually ignore each other for the first few minutes, their first few hours together will give you some indication as to whether the mix is likely to work or not. Keep your eye on them.


Friendly behaviour


The ferrets walk past one another showing no emotion, will sniff each other’s bottoms or may seem more interested in their surroundings than in each other.


They play rough-and-tumble games, leaping around each other with arched backs.


They’ll grab each other gently by the scruff of the neck and drag each other around, making a little noise.


Some ferrets let out low-pitched screaming and hissing sounds.


Aggressive behaviour

If you spot these unpromising behaviours, you should separate the ferrets and seek advice; this particular mix is unlikely to work.


Sustained neck-scuffing which makes the victim scream and inflicts severe puncture wounds. The victim will commonly be sought out by the other(s).

One ferret seems to be fearful of the other(s) after a few days; it will keep its distance.

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