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Handling your ferret

Gentle, sensitive handling will prevent your ferrets from getting over-excited. They like human company but you don’t want to encourage them to nip you or your vet. Please remember to supervise children when they handle pets.

ferrets handlingFerrets enjoy human contact and can become very closely bonded to their owners. Even so, they need to be handled sensibly and sensitively: they are not ‘bomb-proof’.

When they become over-excited, they are likely to give you a playful nip. If you place your hands directly in front of their face or if you handle them roughly, you are likely to spook them.

It’s best to handle you ferrets when you are in a relaxed, confident frame of mind. Pick them up by placing one hand around their middle, close to their armpits, and use your other hand to support their backside. They enjoy being rocked from side to side; this seems to relax them

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