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Settling in your new cat

A new home and different environment can be an unsettling time for your new cat. Here are some tips that will help you to settle in your new cat and ensure minimum stress:

  • On arriving home, take your cat to a quiet room where you can set up relevant bowls for food and water. He should also have access to a litter tray in this room. Please note that water, food and litter should be kept as far apart as possible (although in the same room). If you have a pair of cats they should have their own items.

  • The cat is likely to be quite stressed after its journey home so it may be best to let the cat settle in this room for a little while. A cat often needs to feel familiar with its new environment before being handled too much so go at your cat’s speed.

  • cat settling inIn the early stages it is necessary to keep the household fairly quiet without too many comings and goings. It would be best if the cat was left alone for a little while. Especially encourage small children to leave the cat to settle before attempting to handle, as the cat may find fast movements and high pitched voices a little intimidating at this time. Further information about introducing cats and children is available.

  • Once the cat appears happy and settled in this room, the cat can then be allowed to explore the rest of the house in its own time. This may be on the same day, however it could be a few days later depending on the individual nature of the cat.

  • If there are other animals in the household then introductions will need to be undertaken carefully. More information on introducing cats to dogs can be found here.

  • It is important to keep to a routine when taking a new cat into the home so that they settle quickly and know what to expect. Feed at the same times every day and get them used to that routine.

  • Cats do not respond to vocal punishment other than to show a fearful response. They would be scared and confused by your sudden change in behaviour. For this reason we suggest that a cat is never told off but rather encouraged to act in a different way if you find the cat is doing something that you don’t like. If in doubt then please contact us for advice to help with any problems you may be experiencing.

  • The majority of cats that leave the Wood Green are used to using a litter tray, however if you experience difficulties with this please contact us for advice as soon as possible.