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Get Neutered!

Wood Green is urging owners to be responsible and neuter their pets.

Neutering is a simple operation which prevents male and female dogs, cats and rabbits from reproducing by surgically removing the reproductive organs under general anaesthetic. In male animals the operation is called 'castration' and involves removing the testes. In female animals the operation is called 'spaying' and usually involves removing the uterus and ovaries.

Did you know? It is possible for a female rabbit to have 150 kits a year and one female cat to be responsible for 20,000 kittens in just 5 years!

As well as preventing unplanned pregnancies and unwanted litters, having your pet neutered has numerous health benefits. It can vastly reduce the risk of contracting certain types of cancers, and also help prevent aggression, roaming and hormonal problems. Neutered pets also require a little less food as their metabolic rate decreases.

It can cost up to £70 to neuter a rabbit, £60 to neuter a cat and anywhere between £100 and £300 to neuter a dog. However, help with neutering costs is often available for people on low incomes from animal welfare charities.


Every year Wood Green finds homes for over 500 kittens as a result of unplanned pregancies. To find out more about why you should neuter your cat, please read Pet Advice - Neutering Cats.


Around 35,000 rabbits end up at rehoming centres like Wood Green across the UK each year. Our Pet Advice - Neutering Rabbits gives more information.


There are several illnesses more commonly found in unneutered dogs including womb infections, mammory cancer, testicular cancer and prostate disease. Our advice sheet Pet Advice - Neutering Dogs explains why you should neuter your dog.

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