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Wood Green calls on Brits to free a chicken!


Wood Green, The Animals Charity has joined forces with mobile network, giffgaff, to launch a unique campaign to help give freedom to thousands of battery hens and encourage consumers to break free from the shackles of their mobile contract.

From August 1, the community-led mobile network will unlock and re-home a battery hen for every new giffgaff customer with an unlocked mobile handset.

In a unique partnership – the first of its kind for a mobile network – giffgaff will donate £4 to Wood Green, to cover the cost of re-homing a battery hen for each person who unlocks their phone and joins giffgaff. 

Wood Green and giffgaff hope the campaign will help more consumers break free from their contracts and set thousands of battery hens free at the same time. The campaign comes as figures reveal there are currently 16 million battery hens in need of re-homing, a figure which is set grow as the EU ban on battery farms comes into force in 2012.

Millions of battery hens are locked in cages which are no bigger than a size of piece of A4 paper meaning they are unable to live the free range lives they deserve. giffgaff  has pledged to support Wood Green, to triple the number of battery hens they re-home each year and ensure there is enough help for ex- battery hens long after the EU ban on battery-farmed eggs comes into force in 2012.

Find out more about the ‘Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken’.


1 Comment

  • Bethany Taylor-Shaw
    19 October 2016, 17:17

    We got 6 chickens and now they look completely different ( in a good way, more feathers). I also think that chickens should be free not stuck in cages the size of A4 paper.
    Also the picture of the chicken looks exactly like mine , though it Isn't.

    King regards,

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