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Peter Rabbit the Movie


We were lucky enough to be invited to Cineworld St Neots at the weekend to talk to cinema goers about rabbits. It was a jam-packed day with lots of families visiting the cinema to watch the new Peter Rabbit film. We had our rabbit house with us, 2 toy bunnies and 200 goody bags! Ideal Rabbit Set Up

The set up showed the ideal size home needed for a pair of rabbits, as rabbits need to live in pairs or groups for companionship. It was full of fun ways to keep rabbits happy too, which is really important.Children looking at the ideal rabbit set up

Our goodie bags had some handy rabbit information and fun activity sheets to hand out to the children. We even gave out rabbit enrichment bags to rabbit or guinea pigs owners.

Helen Walker, our Community Education Officer said:

We spoke to lots of families who are were thinking about getting rabbits in the future, many of whom said they were interested in coming up to Wood Green. We offered loads of help and advice to people, even booking people onto our rabbit MOTs. We also spoke to owners of other types of pets (cats, dogs etc) and explained about our Pet Support Service and how we are here offer help and advice in many different circumstances. It was a great day!

If you are interested in adding some rabbits to your family take a look at our Pet Advice pages or give us a call today


  • Anonymous commenter
    20 April 2018, 17:11

    Had to comment!! Love this and I think it is such a good and educational idea, seeming so as people might think all rabbits live in burrows or houses after seeing the movie. It is sad but a brilliantly structured, exciting, rib-tickling and fantastic film which I recommend to everyone.

  • Jamie
    03 May 2018, 13:20

    wabbit not rabbit
    I love wabbits

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