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Dumpling's Story


Dumpling the cat was found by a kind stranger who brought her to us in a bit of a sorry state. Dumpling had a collar on her which was poorly fitted and didn’t have a quick release feature. This left her with a severe wound around her neck and had to be cut off her by the veterinary team. She also had what looked like a previous injury on the inside of her front leg, which was so severe it had not healed and was oozing down her leg.

Unfortunately, the vets who saw to Dumplings wounds were unable to stitch her up straight away, as the wound had become infected. This meant that Dumpling had to remain in our surgery for daily observation and medication. 

Despite all of this, she has remained bright and active throughout her stay. Dumpling will be operated on once her infection has cleared and her wounds will finally be allowed to heal. Then she will be ready to find her forever home. 

If using a collar on your cats please make sure to use quick release collars, so that they don't suffer as Dumpling has. Also ensure your cat is micro-chipped so that if they do lose their collar they won't lose you. 

To help other pets in need who come to our Centres and surgery daily, please donate here today. As a non-government funded charity, we rely on kind animal lovers such as yourself to help fund medication, surgery and specialist food.