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Animal Rescue Live on Ch4


Pets from Wood Green, The Animals Charity are taking centre stage this week in Channel 4’s new live TV feature. Called ‘Animal Rescue Live’, the hour-long programmes will be spread across five weeknights, 8-9pm from the 7-11 August. Hosted by the Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, and TV presenter Steve Jones, the live series hopes to find loving new owners for every dog, cat, rabbit, chicken and more at animals rehoming centres across the UK. 

Throughout the shows, pets cared for at the Charity’s Godmanchester Centre will feature, together with the team preparing them for their new homes.  First to feature on the 7 August will be a piece about the unique rabbit ‘mixing’ service that the Charity offers, to make sure that all rabbits are rehomed with a well-matched companion. Other stars include Cedric, a Vietnamese Cross pig with oodles of character, and four Toggenburg goats.

Linda Cantle, Director of Animal Services at the Charity tells us more:

“Our pets are amazing so the opportunity to share their stories with the nation and to make sure they find the homes they deserve is wonderful.  We are delighted that Channel 4 selected Wood Green to take part and we are looking forward to connecting with even more pet lovers once the programme airs.”

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick explains the aim of the programme:

“Through raising awareness of the fun, love, and hope that rehoming an animal can bring, I think we speak a language of joy and compassion, and that this is a fantastic message to put out into the world right now.”

Britain is home to more than 16 million dogs and cats but a shocking number are abandoned or changes of circumstance mean that pet lovers seek help to rehome them. So now more than ever, the displaced pet population needs a helping hand – and the series aims to dismantle the stigma associated with rescue animals.

Tune in every evening from Monday 7th - Friday 11th August from 8pm on Channel 4

To find out more about rabbit care, and other species, visit our Pet Advice pages.


  • Anonymous commenter
    08 August 2017, 21:16

    Please can anyone tell me if the cute little golden cocker spaniel pup is a girl. We have 2 blue roads which are both boys.
    Kind regards

  • Lilian
    09 August 2017, 18:15

    Perfect! Happy for you wood green.

  • Sue
    09 August 2017, 20:36

    We adopted a black cat some 7 years ago-the tag that some give them is rubbish-Gizmo is a lovely-friendly and funny cat with a huge character- don't be put off by their colour go rescue one now!

  • Jeannie Brown
    10 August 2017, 17:02

    Hi, brilliant programme, but a little thought for those who do not have a computer and would love to adopt. Is it possible for a phone line to be shown as a contact?

  • Karen Capon
    10 August 2017, 21:32

    I have a query regarding Sausage the Parrot only I have kept parrots for over 20years as well as breeding and hand-rearing them. and I was concerned when out of over 400 hundred applicants you chose a couple than when asked by the presenter if they had any other pets the lady replied we've had birds previous - so if they've had parrots previously where are they now considering they can live 70 years plus and if the previous birds weren't parrots then they don't have the experience needed to keep and care for one - and surely out of 400 hundred applicants there must have been someone more experience ?
    Concerned Parrot owner.

  • Jo wright
    11 August 2017, 20:28

    I want Noel

  • Debbie quick
    11 August 2017, 22:02

    I am interested in the dogue de bordeaux called Clyde
    Is he good with other dogs as I have 2 ddb males. And can I get more info please

  • Wood Green
    14 August 2017, 11:50

    Thank you all for watching. All the animals featured are looking for homes via the Channel 4 website, most of which are not at Wood Green. So please direct all enquiries to them -

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