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'Buying' a pet on Facebook


Poor Felix was rushed to us by her owner, who ‘bought’ her from someone on Facebook. The advert said she had been neutered, flea treated and Felix seemed in good health.

Within a month Felix went into labour and gave birth to four kittens! Two of the kittens died very quickly and her distressed owner brought them all into our Godmanchester Centre. The 2 remaining kittens went straight out on foster with a member of our Surgery Team, but sadly, there was nothing we could do and both kittens died overnight.

Felix is recovering from her traumatic ordeal in our cattery, until she can be neutered and returned home. Her owner is keen for us to tell Felix’s story so that others do not fall into the trap of an ‘easy adoption’ via Facebook or other online platforms. The only way to truly know a cats health and neuter status is by adopting via a reputable rehoming charity.

Please share Felix’s story on Facebook to prevent others from making the same mistake.