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Older pets for older people


Owning a dog keeps over-65s fit according to a new study published in the Journal BMC Public Health. Researchers looked at 43 pairs of dog owners and non-dog-owners in three counties, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire and found that dog owners aged over 65 benefited from an extra 22 minutes of exercise a day. That is enough to hit the World Health Organisations recommended 150 minutes minimum of moderate exercise a week. That’s not all, according to Age UK research, pets can reduce our stress levels, cholesterol and blood pressure….and it’s great for pets too.

Wendy Kruger, Dog Specialist from Wood Green, The Animals Charity explains:

“Mature pets make the perfect companions – they have a bit of life experience, someone else will have coped with the housetraining, adolescent issues, leaving you to enjoy the adult years of relaxing walks and companionship. For many mature pets companionship is the number one priority and often that’s the number one priority for older people too; when the right person and pet are matched it’s a close and rewarding relationship.

At 84 years-young, Joy had been looking for a dog to welcome into her home. A life-long animal lover, Joy had recently lost her own beloved pet and, with the help of her family, set about finding a new companion.

“I was looking for a small dog to suit my lifestyle and my son spotted Perry on the Wood Green website.  When I found out that he had been there for longer than most dogs it broke my heart.  Just a few days later, he came home with me.  I was warned that he might be a bit clingy and nervous but, within days, he was the centre of attention when I hosted a W.I. book club meeting … and we haven’t looked back! Life just wouldn’t be the same without Perry – he makes me laugh and love every day…and he keeps me fit too!”

Perry Low res 2

Wood Green is keen to find second chance homes for some of their older residents, such as Inky aged 11. Gail Lees, Deputy Manager Cat Rehoming tells us more about this colourful character.

“Inky is a cheeky chap, he likes to keep fit himself, in his previous home when he wasn’t playing in open fields he liked to join the household dog for his daily walk! If cats are well cared for in a loving home, they can easily live into their twenties, so this little chap is just middle-aged.  We would love to find him a home – please call us to find out more.”

Inky 35855 3

Visit our rehoming pages or call 0300 303 9333 to find out more about our pets looking for a new home.


  • Dee Lyons
    13 July 2017, 12:35

    Glad to hear that WG will allow elderly people to re-home a dog. Those that are dog lovers just fade away without a dog in their lives.

  • Joy James
    21 July 2017, 10:54

    Proud that Perry is the "Cover Boy" for the latest "WAG" , He loves being in the garden, He did enjoy the strawberry season, and the raspberries. I had to keep an eye on him. He will miss gardening in the winter, will probably have fit in an extra walk,
    Thank you Wood Green, and all the people who overlooked Perry, they did not know what they would be missing

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