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Rabbit Awareness Week 2017


Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) runs from 17th - 25th June 2017 and is an important week for rabbits. Over the past 11 years it's evolved into the biggest and best campaign about rabbit care and welfare in the UK!

"The UK is a nation of self-confessed pet lovers with recent research showing that rabbits are the 4th most popular pet in the UK with 0.8 million rabbits (PFMA Pet Population 2016 report). So we need to keep driving the messages about welfare for rabbits – especially for those pet owners who have got rabbits or are thinking about getting one!"
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To celebrate we're sharing our short animation of Nibbles, telling you all about his favourite foods. 


Get involved over on the RAW website, book a free health check for your rabbit, find out some fun ideas for your rabbit or share our video on Facebook.

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