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Bring Your Dog To Work Day


6 Tips to having a dog in your office, this #BringYourDogToWorkDay -  Friday 23rd June

Make sure your boss and everyone who has access to your office is happy for you to bring your dog in before you start to prepare.

1. Is your dog and office a good match?

If your office is noisy and busy will your dog be frightened or overly aroused? Will she be able to settle or will she bark at phones and visitors? Maybe take her in for an hour or two first to see how she likes it.

2. Dog proof your space

Take any equipment needed like a cage or baby gates ahead of the doggy date, bring some bedding that smells of home. Create a safe place close to you, that the dog can rest in away from strangers / other dogs. Make sure all cables and bins are out of reach.

IMG 1567

3. How is your dog’s CV?

Do they like meeting new people, and if other dogs are coming into the office too will they be OK. Your dog should be de-flead, to protect any office carpets, and ideally vaccinated to protect your dog. You will need 3rd party public liability insurance for your dog, so you are covered should your dog cause damage or injury to another person, their property or pets, ask your pet insurance provider.

4. Before leaving home

Make sure to exercise your dog before the travel to work, give her ample opportunity to toilet. Consider your transportation choice and will she be happy going on the train/in the car?

B Food Ben Kong

5. Arriving at work

 Walk your dog calmly round the office, asking everyone to stay seated as you approach. Your dog may not be comfortable if everyone rushes her at once. Once introductions are over, encourage her to settle in the safe area you have made with a chew or stuffed Kong.

6. During the Day

Make sure your dog has access to water all day and that you take her for regular toilet breaks outside. If you need to go to a meeting and it’s not suitable to take her with you, ask a colleague to sit in your seat whilst you are away from your desk. Make sure visitors to your office are made aware of a dog being in that area, and able to avoid your dog should they not feel comfortable.

Hopefully you’ll have a happy and safe day on #BringYourDogToWorkDay. Why not turn it into a fundraiser and ask everyone to put a pound in the pot for all the animals that aren’t as fortunate as your dog.

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