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Find Vivvy...


... a forever home.

Most cats like to hide, but we currently have a cat who's hiding habits are meaning he is passed over time and time again for his forever home. Vivvy is a nervous boy who takes a longtime to warm up to new people. After not settling well in our cattery we found a calm foster home for him.

In his foster home he has slowly come out of his shell. We received this update last week:

I think I have found the kitten within! Finally I have had a massive break through. Vivvy now thinks I am his best friend. He rushes over to me and demands a fuss, rubbing his face on mine. If he thinks we're not finished, he taps me with his paw. 

He could end up being a lap cat in the future! Never underestimate a cats potential! 

Vivvy for FB

So if you have a quiet home with a lot of patience and love to give our Vivvy, he can't wait to meet you.
Find out more about Vivvy on his rehoming bio. Or give us  a call to find out more.

Please note as Vivvy is in a foster home he is not viewable at our Centre, please call ahead. 

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