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Farewell to Bilbo


It is with great sadness that we have to tell you we lost our last resident horse Bilbo recently. Some of you may already be aware, we lost our other dear horse and Bilbo's friend, Cherokee in September 2016.  

Both boys became permanent residents at Wood Green after retiring from their roles as part of the Riding for the Disabled group in 2013. Both Bilbo and Cherokee had been at the shelter for 15+ years and were known by many both on and off site. They were often our main attraction at numerous events and loved to spend time saying hello to their adoring public.

Eating hayBilbo and Cherokee 

Sadly, in September last year, Cherokee told us he was tired and it was his time to move on.  He left us very peacefully and his ashes are now buried in a small memorial garden, at the back of the horse fields, surrounded by beautiful flowers, for everyone to visit.

After Cherokee’s passing, Bilbo become lonely and was in desperate need of a friend. We took the opportunity to approach Redwings Horse Sanctuary to see if they could help us. They offered to loan us Fleetwood, a 5 year old rescue Cob to keep Bilbo company for his remaining years. The pair instantly struck up a bond and Bilbo became a 5 year old Cob again himself, even though he was 22 years old.

B   F Close upBilbo and Fleetwood (Mini Me)

The pair would spend their days running around the field chasing one another, laying in the sun together and grazing so closely to one each other that they appeared to share the same blades of grass. Fleetwood was an absolute god send, the rehoming team and Bilbo loved him so much.

Last month, many years before expected, we lost our boy Bilbo after a very short battle with a form of Colic. This was devastating for everyone as Bilbo had become so happy with his new friend and it was almost like he had a new lease of life. Everyone he loved was with Bilbo at the time and he too passed very peacefully.

We know that Bilbo has gone to join Cherokee and tell him all about this crazy young kid who came to live with him for 5 months, all about the adventures they had together; how he used to chase him around all the time and bite him on the bottom! Fleetwood was returned to Redwings soon after we lost Bilbo so he wasn’t left alone. He settled straight back in and we are looking forward to visiting him again and thanking him for helping us.

TogetherTogether again over the rainbow

Due to these events over the past 6 months you will no longer see our boys out in the fields daily or at our events – the main one being Field Good Friday on 14th April 2017.  We do however have some visiting donkeys and a past successful rehoming story – Taffy, the grey welsh pony visiting the event. 

Bilbo will soon be joining Cherokee in the memorial garden, along our Nature Trail at our Godmanchester Centre, so please do visit their area when you come to Wood Green. 


  • Lily
    13 April 2017, 15:11

    That's really sad. I loved going to Wood Green and seeing Bilbo and Cherokee. I think I saw Fleetwood one day as well. I have a pony who looks practically like Bilbo, and more or less Fleetwood! His name's Sugarlump. Also my grandmother has a horse who is twenty five years old, and looks like them too. Is this why Wood Green in Godmanchester is selling lots of horse equipment?

  • Anonymous commenter
    15 April 2017, 21:43

    So sorry to hear about Bilbo we loved seeing him in the field as we visit family and ofton took our little girl to visit you all xx
    God bless Bilbo glad you are with your old friend again

  • jackie
    19 April 2017, 20:16

    I am so sorry to hear about Bilbo, such sad news. I would always wonder over to see the horses before I went to see the pigs! Such sad news but at least he can be with his friend cherokee. R.I.P both of you.

  • Tessa Stewart
    08 May 2017, 16:21

    A sad story but what a lucky boy Bilbo was to be loved and given a wonderful life by Wood Green. Jumping rainbows in the sky with Cherokee now x
    My husband and I were lucky enough to rehome a little one eyed spotted pony from Wood Green called Rocky in February 2007. He is 31 now and still the 'Rock Star' he is affectionately known as. A truly amazing pony who has given us many years of love and laughter.
    You do a wonderful job at Wood Green, the dogs, pony and sheep we have rehomed from you over the years have made our lives complete and full of love. Thank you :-) x

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