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Meagan's Success!


"My name is Meagan and I work in the Bedford branch of the shop, something happened today and I'm so happy, I thought I would share.

Due to mental health problems I am unable to attend regular college, so I was excited to learn that whilst working in the Wood Green shop, you could work towards getting an NVQ in retail, I jumped at the chance! Well today I was told I passed!! And am actually in the very early stages of starting another.

I find it so amazing, that not only is it not really like work but more like a little family that support, encourage and help each other which in fact has helped me extraordinarily in my life, but volunteering for Wood Green gives the opportunity to earn qualifications too.

It gives as much fulfillment and a new shot and perspective on life to us human volunteers as Wood Green gives the animals and I love that ^.^ Thank you everyone for the opportunity!!"

Huge congratulations to Meagan, if you'd like to follow in her footsteps and gain a NVQ whilst helping to raise funds for the animals in our care apply to be a member of our team today -


  • Patrick Tang
    12 May 2017, 11:39

    Well done, and Congratulations Meagan!!!

  • Lilian
    16 May 2017, 19:04

    Well done Meagan, that's great! I hope to follow your footsteps and I'm sure everyone who hears would love to as well.

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