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Dog-friendly holiday company sponsor Wood Green


Canine Cottages are delighted to become sponsors of Wood Green. As animal lovers, they’re proud to be supporting Wood Green’s efforts to care for and rehome as many pets as possible.

We believe that every animal deserves a loving home and to be part of a family, and Wood Green do an excellent job not only in rehoming animals but also ensuring that they get the love and care they deserve. - Hannah Jury, Canine Cottages

By working with Wood Green and spreading the message about us, they hope that even more people will become aware of Wood Green and the work we do, in turn helping to rehome even more pets. Their donation will help save lives and help many animals in their time of need while they wait for their perfect match to adopt them from the rehoming centres.

Terrier Dog Wood Green

1 Comment

  • Scott Garner
    24 February 2017, 08:17

    Great news for Wood Green. I will certainly be looking at Canine Cottages when considering our next holiday

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