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Blitzen, Dasher and Rudolph


Tiny kittens Blitzen, Dasher and Rudolph were just a few weeks old when they were spotted, dirty and afraid, huddled together and shivering under a garden hedge on 21 December last year.

Once sure that the mother wasn’t nearby, the lady who found them brought them straight into our London Centre. If they’d been left alone much longer they may not have survived. They were dangerously cold, riddled with fleas and – as they’d had very little human contact – we had to work hard to earn their trust.

After giving them a thorough check-up, our team cared for them around-the-clock. To help regulate Blitzen’s body temperature we used a special heat pad – a real lifesaver for such a tiny frail creature like her. We’re happy to say that all three kittens will be spending this Christmas in a loving new home.

Please click here and buy a Christmas Care Box for a homeless and hungry kitten like Blitzen this year – your generous gift could save a life!

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  • Anonymous commenter
    18 February 2017, 09:02

    I feel so sorry for all three little kittens but wood green have saved three little lives.

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