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Fergal and Dougal's Story


When Fergal and Dougal were put into a van one crisp winter morning just after Christmas, they were probably hoping for a good walk.

Moments later, these friendly little dogs had been dumped by the roadside; discarded like rubbish, freezing cold, with nothing to eat and nowhere to go.

The poor things had been badly neglected – both had matted fur and lesions on their faces. Fergal was missing two teeth, his collar had been put on so tight that it had become embedded in his neck and his eye had sustained a severe injury.

No animal should ever be in that condition, least of all at Christmas time. Thankfully, they were found and brought in to Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

Please give £15 today to provide food and shelter for more discarded animals like Fergal and Dougal. 

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