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We are charity of the month


We are delighted to be the beneficiaries of Monster Pet Supplies Charity of the month!

At Monster Pet Supplies, we're all animal lovers!  
So we decided to share the love for the millions of UK charitable organisations that devote their time to caring for and rehoming unwanted animals.  
We launched out charity of the month initiative in July, hoping to raise awareness of a different charity each month to our customer base, and in turn increase financial support to these charities. Being pet owners, we knew our customers would be all ears!
Wood Green is an excellent charity choice because they open their gates to all animals. We wanted to make sure our project could help all animals, not just the ones we keep as pets. Monster and Wood Green share the same hopes that one day all pets will be cared for in a loving homes for their whole life.
We intend to continue supporting Wood Green for as long as we can. We hope our efforts will help them and many other amazing charities not only to raise money but also to raise awareness of the wonderful things they do. You can read the full Charity of the Month post 

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