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Buster The Boxer


This is Jake who we rehomed earlier this year.

We love the John Lewis advert, that came out today. You can view it here.

But you don’t have to buy a trampoline to entertain your dog, here are some great ideas to keep your pooch busy during the winter. 

Terrier in ball pondBall pond

Let your dog relieve their natural urge to dig, you can make it more appealing by scattering a handful of biscuits into it for them to route out. 

GH with kong

Enrichment feeding

Dogs get a great deal of satisfaction from hunting and foraging for their food. Try different enrichment feeders like Kongs stuffed with soaked biscuits or wet food, and activity balls with their dinner biscuits in.

Activity boxActivity box

Hide treats in old cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and plastic bottles. Put all of this in a larger box and let your dog discover the fun inside!

GH with kongGet creative

Once you start it's easy to get carried away, you can make all sorts of games to enrich your dogs life, like this bottle game. All you need is some wood, doweling and plastic bottles. 

Throughout December our Community Outreach Team are sharing loads of great ideas on their Facebook page to keep all your pets happy and safe over Christmas. 

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  • Anonymous commenter
    16 November 2016, 12:36

    really like dogs

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