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Time capsule buried under state-of-the-art development


A time capsule has been buried under a state-of-the-art development at Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

The Charity in Godmanchester placed the time capsule, which is full of memorabilia including pictures, uniform and literature, underneath what will be the new surgery floor.

Works to build state-of-the-art kennels and a surgery department at Wood Green began in February 2011.

Contractors, Farrans have demolished the former isolation kennels and begun constructing brand new kennels, a puppy unit, surgery and boiler house.

The £3.6 million development is set to open in Spring 2012, which will mark 25 years of animal welfare at our Godmanchester Centre.

Director of Facilities, David Morgan said: “The buildings are really starting to take shape now and we are on schedule to open them early next year. We decided to bury a time capsule under the surgery so that in 50 years time future generations of the Charity are able to look back at the way things were in 2011.”

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  • Potato
    12 April 2014, 17:08


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