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Wood Green rescues cat trapped in her own collar


Wood Green, The Animals Charity came to the rescue of a young cat trapped in her own collar.

Staff from the Charity in North London were alerted to the tabby-coloured domestic short hair by a Wood Green supporter who spotted the cat in her back garden in New Southgate.

After luring the cat with tasty treats, the kind-hearted lady and Wood Green were able to catch her and discovered her left front leg was trapped in her collar causing her considerable pain.

The cat was named Phoebe and taken to the Charity’s surgery where veterinary staff removed the collar and began treating the open wound.

PhoebeManager of the London Centre Katie Wickins said: “We believe Phoebe may have accidentally caught her leg in the collar because it was made from elastic. These collars are advertised as being safe so that if the cat gets caught on something, the collar will stretch and allow the cat to free itself. Unfortunately this was not the case and the stretch in the collar allowed Phoebe to get her front leg through it.

“The veterinary team believe Phoebe was caught up in the collar for about two weeks before coming to Wood Green as she had a huge and very infected wound. She would have been in terrible pain.

“Phoebe wasn’t microchipped but we put up posters of her in the local area, in vet and pet shops but no owner has come forward. She will be available for rehoming in a couple of weeks when she is fully recovered.”

For further information about rehoming a cat from Wood Green, call 0844 248 8181.



  • Anonymous commenter
    28 January 2012, 19:58

    I am interested in coming to look at Phoebe or any other tabby cat that needs a home. I have been a cat owner several times.
    Olly Parker

  • Mary Lancefield
    24 February 2012, 13:26

    I hope Phoebe is fully recovered in "a couple of weeks". We re-homed a tabby boy, Charlie, from the RSPCA who had suffered a similar injury. Unfortunately his wound kept breaking down and had to be re-stitched 3 times, taking several months to heal. No cat should have to wear a collar - there is no need and they should be banned.

  • Chris
    01 March 2012, 20:02

    One of our 're-homed from Wood Green' cats suffered a similar fate while I was on holiday. My daughter knew something was wrong, but Molly refused to appear until I returned home. She'd been caught in her collar for a few days. The vet thought she might lose the use of her leg, but with lots of care she made a full recovery. Since then, none of my 4 cats have worn a collar. They are all micro-chipped, so can easily be identified if necessary.

  • Anonymous commenter
    02 March 2012, 12:33

    My cat also got caught in his collar, exactly the same as Phoebe, but luckily I spotted it when he came in, so he wasn't like it for long. I now do not put collars on cats, as long as they are michro -chipped there is no need.

  • elle
    09 March 2012, 18:18

    This heart wrenching story was the push I needed...for so long I've felt these collars should be withdrawn from sale so at last, I've managed to file an e-petition....I do hope I can count on your support for the sake of all the cats who have to wear these collars...thank you so much. :))

  • Mica
    04 November 2012, 17:39

    Yes collars should be banned from a recent experience. If your cat is only out for a short while that may be okish but if you go to work or have a catflap whereby the cat can get out and wander off yes collars are dangerous..My cat went missing for 2 months and I meant to buy a new collar but the shop did not have the same ones so I left it. When the cat appeared, he had his collar caught under his front arm with a smelly nasty infected open wound.I dont know what happened to him whether he was trapped and could not get free and I will never know why someone did not help him and take the god damn thing off him! So upsetting and still crying because I feel guilty it was my fault and I have to live with it for the rest of my life.

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