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Battery hens find their forever homes


A flamboyant interior designer best known for his appearances on the BBC’s Changing Rooms show has rehomed half a dozen battery hens from Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his wife Jackie rehomed the former battery hens after hearing about their plight in a joint campaign called ‘Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken’ with the Charity and SIM-only PAYG mobile operator giffgaff.

The pair, who already have a flock of chickens at their family home in Cirencester, invited staff from Wood Green to their home to deliver their new batch.

Once the hens had time to settle in, Laurence said: “They are doing really well and starting to behave more like normal hens. They are not good at putting themselves to bed at night though, so much hilarity ensues with me chasing and cooing them round.

“They have been rather surprised by the amorous advances of our cockerel Son of Crow who has lost no time in making himself familiar with any hen foolish enough to stand still.

“It is also an interesting egg hunt in the morning as they’ve all got their favourite spots.

“We are both very pleased to have given them such a lovely, happy home and their egg yolks are getting a lovely golden colour now with all the corn and goodies they keep eating.”

Field welfare manager Debbie Wild said: “These chickens will now have a wonderful life with Laurence and Jackie and we hope it will encourage more people to rehome rescue chickens.”

Under new regulations, which came into force on January 1, chicken farmers are no longer allowed to keep more than 90 birds in a cage with at least 750 square centimetres of space for each bird.

Debbie added: “We know free-range chickens like these will have a much better quality of life and in turn produce better eggs for their owners.”

For further information about rehoming chickens from Wood Green call 0844 248 8181 or visit the Godmanchester Centre in Cambridgeshire.


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  • Anita
    25 January 2012, 15:00

    Lovely story. Really nice to see down to earth celebs adopting animals in need of a home; especially when it's our local Woodgreen. Warms the cockles of your heart!

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